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MEL, Lesbian Girl

Luxembourg - Luxembourg

Hi, I'm Mel, I'm new in town, I'm 24 years old, 1.65 in height, dark eyes, tanned skin and light hair, I'm lesbian I have an open mind, I attend lesbians and women who are curious about A girl and want to experience the pleasure of a feminine touch, I am delicate and affectionate, I also attend couple who want to spice up the relationship, but I just stay with the woman, I have accessories! My intention and make women can also look for this type of service.
*Obs. For men who do not have a partner, I have a Girlfriend Sara who plays lesboshow with me we are * and fun we love doing it!

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  • David 9 December, 2016

    If I go, can I have your girlfriend too? :P

  • MEL, LESBIAN GIRL 9 December, 2016

    Yes, to me, no problem, and I'll still help you! Hahaha =)

  • Fiona 13 December, 2016

    What's the price oh 1 hour lesbian sex? :)

  • MEL, LESBIAN GIRL 14 December, 2016

    Hi, Fiona sends a message on my phone that I give you the value and we can talk more there. =)

  • Michel 28 December, 2016

    Amateurs de TRES belles filles, allez y les yeux fermés. Les 300 euros pour un VRAI show lesbien en vaut la peine. Elles sont toutes les deux magnifiques. Si la première est une vraie lesbienne (qui refuse de se faire pénétrer) la seconde sara est ouverte à tous les fantasmes dont l'imagination débordante ne suffira pas pour la combler. C'est du lourd qui vous épuisera ....

  • MEL, LESBIAN GIRL 28 December, 2016

    Michel you are kind and loving we adore you, thank you for the champagne we had a good time with you, I'm happy to meet you, we hope to see you soon kisses, Mel & Sara.

  • Michel 29 December, 2016


    Tout le plaisir était pour moi et croyez-le bien, rares ont été les occasions dans lesquelles j'ai pu autant apprécier ailleurs le dévouement, la gentillesse et le savoir-faire de partenaires de votre rang qui ont pu satisfaire ma curiosité. Je recommande à tout un chacun qui me lis votre professionnalisme. Pour les amateurs ... apportez le champagne (rosé), Mel / Sara semblent apprécier.

  • Serge 31 December, 2016


    How to contact you?
    Tried a few times the phone number which is given here but no one answers on it.

    Can I contact you by mail? Or any other possibility?

    Thank you in advance an I wish you a happy new year.

  • MEL, LESBIAN GIRL 31 December, 2016

    Hi Serge, good night my number is correct if you want you can call me now, I just do not answer confidential numbers, I wait for your call kisses Mel.

  • Han 4 January, 2017

    Hi Mel
    First of all, happy new year :)
    I sent an email but I was not sure if you received them. I dont'call for the moment because my english is quite bad.

    I was wondering if it was possible just to come to see you have fun with your girlfriend and maybe if I can participate to have fun with both of you ? :)

    Thanks in advance :)

  • MEL, LESBIAN GIRL 6 January, 2017

    Han, first of all happy new year to you too, I'm sorry for not answering your call I was out of town I arrived yesterday, if you want you can call me today. =)

  • Arnaud 14 January, 2017

    My first time with two girls ! A great time, they are fantastics :)

  • MEL, LESBIAN GIRL 31 January, 2017

    Arnaud Thank you for your comment, your satisfaction is very important to us, we hope to see you soon.

  • Big A 10 February, 2017

    Hey there Mel and Girlfriend :-) So as I can see you get a lot of positiv references. Now if I may i would like to ask a question. Is it possible to have fun with you or is it only for watching? And how much are the costs? You can send me a message per mail. Thanks

  • MEL, LESBIAN GIRL 11 February, 2017

    Hi Big A, I'm very happy for my referrals to please you this is very important for us, you can contact me by my phone I'll wait for your Message. =)

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